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The Concerto initiative

ECO-City project

Sixth Framework Programme

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The project Trondheim community, Norway

The City of Trondheim.


Trondheim's municipal climate action plan
- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 1999 levels by 2010
  • Objective related to stationary energy consumption:

  •       - Increase the amount of renewable sources in the energy
          - Reduce energy demand by improved energy efficiency
          - Sustainable utilization of local resources for energy

  • This shall be accomplished through:

  •       - Municipal energy planning & active use of legislation
          - Implementation of energy conservation initiatives
          - Giving priority to sustainable use of renewable energy
          - District heating supply in all parts of the city

    Trondheim holds a special place in Norwegian history and culture. It was the first capital of Norway, and is still the city where new kings receive their ceremonial blessing. The city is situated by the Trondheim fjord, it is surrounded by forested hills, with the Nidelva river winding through the town.

    The ECO-City city demonstration sites in Trondheim comprise a whole integrated community approach and demand side.

    The community participants include the main actors in town planning, city development and energy infrastructure, including the municipality of Trondheim, the utility of Trondheim, the building company of heimdalgruppen, TOBB, Stiftelsen Svartlamoen, SINTEF and the consulting company COWI Norway.

    The concerto project will set a reference for new standards to prevail in the community both in retrofitting, new buildings, energy supply and use polygeneration. The new intelligent metering to be tested is expected to form the future standard to be used in the community. Also the approach will be anchored in the whole community through training of SME's and schools and through extensive dissemination.

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    Location of Trondheim.

    Demonstration sites
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    The overall objective

    Renewable energy supply (RES)
    1000 kW biomass boilers
    433 kW heat pumps
    15 m2 solar collectors for domestic hot water
    Energy efficiency in buildings (RUE)
    374 new and rehabilitated ECO-dwellings
       of 23,300 m2
    3 schools of total 23,500 m2 and ECO-
       rehabilitation of commercial / cultural building
       of 3000 m2
    New cooling central at 200,000 m2 hospital
    6 MWth energy conversion central with 3 MW
       absorption cooling and district heating from
    Integration of RES and RUE
    Use of waste and possible storage in waste
       to improve energy utilisation efficiency from
       76% to 89%
    Waste-based district heating to supply the
       ECO-buildings with integration of RUE actions
    Specific innovations
    Intelligent metering

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    If you have any questions about our project, please contact:

    Reto M. Hummelshøj
    E-mail: Reto M. Hummelsh?j

    Laura Sesma
    E-mail: Laura Sesma

    Fartein Brautaset
    E-mail: Fartein Brautaset


    Brochure on the ECO-City activities
       in Trondheim (in Norwegian, pdf 1 MB)