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Photo: Morten Larsen

On this site you will find information on the results of ECO-City. During the total project period of 10 years from the application was prepared to the project end many innovative demonstrations have been built. What today actually has been built is not exactly the same as the original targets as the demonstration sites and sizes have changes together with the development of the project.

A large amount of preparation work has been performed in the project, but most of it is restricted to the project team. However, this list contains the most relevant public deliverables and more information on project results can be found here (link to communities):

Report gathering the existing knowledge in the consortium countries on bioclimatic architecture and integration of renewable energies.
Final report on all realized monitoring and evaluation studies.
Analysis of Concerto Energy concepts and guidelines for a whole building approach (pdf)
Working paper on integration of wind turbines in building structures (pdf)
Report on the state of the art in bioclimatic architecture and integration of renewable energies in buildings (pdf)


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