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The Project
    The Helsingør and Helsingborg community
    Tudela community, Spain
    Trondheim community, Norway


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Sixth Framework Programme

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The Project Helsingør and Helsingborg community

Air view of the stretch between Helsingør and Helsingborg. Copyrights: Helsingør Municipality.


The cities of Helsingborg and Helsingør are both ancient cities separated by a 4000 metre wide sound and a 20- minutes ferry ride. Today cooperation between the two cities are extensive in many fields.

The ECO-City demonstration sites in Helsingborg and Helsingør comprise a whole integrated trans-national community approach to energy efficiency and sustainable energy supply. The development is in-line with the existing close cooperation between the cities and constitutes an extension of their existing policies towards a more sustainable development.

The ECO-City project will set a reference for new standards to prevail in the community both in retrofitting, new buildings, energy supply and use of Polygeneration. Furthermore, the initiative will be anchored in the whole community through training of SME's, janitors corporation and through extensive dissemination.

The following picture show demo sites of the integrated whole community approach.

The overall objective

Renewable energy supply (RES)
2 MW wind turbines
5,5 MW biomass boiler
228 m2 solar collectors for domestic hot water
Photo Voltaic plants
Energy efficiency in buildings
543 new ECO-dwellings
259 dwellings ECO-refurbished
37,884 m2 tertiary buildings refurbished
Extension of an existing biogas plant producing
   gas for public transport
Integration of RES and RUE
Extra RES covers need of included ECO
   buildings after improving their energy efficiency
   by various RUE actions
RUE in tertiary buildings covering administration
   offices, schools and institutions
Specific innovations
New type of comfort metering and control
Potential of geo-exchange and energy storage

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Fartein Brautaset
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Helsingør (in Danish)



Brochure: The ECO-City project
   (in Swedish, pdf 476kb)

Brochure: Energiverkstaden
   (in Swedish, pdf 7 MB)
Brochure about Helsingør (pdf 3 MB)