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Map of the project ECO-City (Joint ECO-City developments in Scandinavia and Spain

Joint ECO-City developments in Scandinavia and Spain

The ECO-City project is a large demonstration project supported by the 6th framework programme of the CONCERTO Initiative launched by the EU.

The aim of the "ECO-City project" is to demonstrate innovative integrated energy concepts in both the supply and demand side in three different EU-countries; Denmark/Sweden, Spain and Norway. The project communities are respectively the cross border community of Helsingør and Helsingborg, the community of Tudela and the community of Trondheim. The project started up in October 2005 and ended in December 2012. However, many of the activities and the transformation of the three communities will carry on beyond the project.

From the outset the three Communities all have an advanced energy profile in comparison to other national and neighbouring communities and activities initiated as part "ECO-City" hence builds on that platform.

More than 20 consortium partners from five different countries and different parts of the energy sector have participated in the project and made it a successful example on the great results that can be achieved when all partners are playing together for a common goal.


If you have any questions about our project, please contact:

Reto M. Hummelshøj
E-mail: Reto M. Hummelshøj

Laura Sesma
E-mail: Laura Sesma

Fartein Brautaset
E-mail: Fartein Brautaset




ECO-City Helsingør/Helsingborg

ECO-City Helsingør/Helsingborg Folder
ECO-City Tudela Folder
ECO-City Tudela Brochure
ECO-City Trondheim Brochure


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